Quick Start
  • 01 Jul 2022
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Quick Start

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Download ReportWORQ

The ReportWORQ Official Release is updated monthly after testing and documentation is updated. The ReportWORQ Preview Release is updated in between official releases as needed to address support issues. It is recommended that you download and install the ReportWORQ Official Release unless instructed otherwise.

ReportWORQ Client and Server included in the same installation package. Simply download and install ReportWORQ by following the steps below.

Quick Install

Download and Install ReportWORQ.

ReportWORQ Client Configuration

  1. Launch the ReportWORQ Client from the icon on the desktop.
  2. Navigate to the Settings > License screen to enter the ReportWORQ Client License key and administrator information, then select the Activate button.
    • Note that the ReportWORQ Server has a different license key. Contact support@reportworq.com if you do not have a license key.
  3. Navigate to the Settings > Connections screen.
  4. Choose a new IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, IBM Planning Analytics Local connection, or a Workday Adaptive Planning connection.
    • IBM Planning Analytics with Watson  users will need a Non-Interactive User Account to connect.
    • Workday Adaptive Planning users should select Refresh Adaptive Planning Metadata after saving the connection.
  5. In the ReportWORQ Tree select (+) button to create a New Report, enter a name, then click the OK button. 
  6. Select the Open File button on the top right to choose a Planning Analytics for Excel or Workday Adaptive Planning OfficeConnect based report.
  7. Save the Report.
  8. In the ReportWORQ Tree select the (+) button to create a New Job and choose the following options:
    1. Set the Destination to File.
    2. Set the Format to PDF.
    3. Enter the filename and select the output folder Location (no extension is required).
    4. Select the Edit Reports button, then choose the Report added above.
  9. Select the Save button, then select Run button.

ReportWORQ Client is now configured and running with a sample test report and job. From here the ReportWORQ Report and Job can be enhanced to use parameters, recipients, and other options to solve more complex report distribution needs.

ReportWORQ Server Configuration

  1. Open Windows Services
  2. Edit the ReportWORQ Server entry and change the startup mode to Automatic and start the service.
    • Note: A Service account is only needed if ReportWORQ is the source or sending files to network drives.
  3. Copy the Access Token for authentication from the accessToken.txt file located in the {installation directory}/service folder.
    • Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\QueBIT\FrameWORQ\ReportWORQ\Service\accessToken.txt
  4. Launch the ReportWORQ Server from the shortcut on the desktop or by navigating to the default URL: http://localhost:8200.
  5. Paste the Access Token into the API Access Token edit box, check the Remember Access Token checkbox, then select the Login button.
  6. Navigate to the Settings Screen, enter the ReportWORQ Server License key and administrator user information, then click the Activate License button. 
    • Note that ReportWORQ Server license key is different from the ReportWORQ Client license key. Contact support@reportworq.com if you do not have a license key.
  7. Navigate to the Dashboard Screen, Select the Test Job, then click the Run button.

ReportWORQ Server is now configured with the same connections, settings, and job information as the ReportWORQ Client. From here Jobs can be scheduled using the ReportWORQ scheduler or by external systems using the ReportWORQ REST API including IBM Planning Analytics TI Processes.

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