• 07 May 2022
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The ability to distribute files to SharePoint from ReportWORQ is achieved through the use of stored SharePoint login credentials.  The user name (version dependent) and password are the credentials you would like to use to authenticate to the SharePoint server in order to post files to SharePoint libraries. When you set up distribution jobs you will specify the full path to the specific SharePoint Library that you would like to distribute reports to.  The login credentials specified here must have permission to create/delete/update files in the SharePoint libraries that you intend to distribute to with ReportWORQ. SharePoint credentials are automatically encrypted by ReportWORQ.

The Location URL on the job and recipient screens needs to be in the following form.

SharePoint 365

The user name field should contain the user's valid email address. Please note that Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) cannot be enabled for the account. 

Please follow the SharePoint 365 prerequisite instructions if 'Modern Authentication' (Token Based) is in use.

SharePoint 2013 and earlier

The user name field should contain the user's domain name (if applicable) and user name separated by a backslash.

e.g. domain\username

Alternatively if a domain is not required to connect just specifying the user name is valid.

SharePoint 365 Distribution

The following instructions are only required if 'Modern Authentication' is enabled on your SharePoint Tenant. Modern authentication is a method of identity management that offers more secure user authentication and authorization.

In order to use the App Registration based authentication you will need an Azure Client and Tenant Id from your Azure Tenant.

Through the Azure Portal, create a new App Registration with the following settings. Provide a name of your choice.

Navigate to the newly created App Registration and make the following selections on the Authentication Screen.

Click on "Add a platform" and select "Mobile and desktop applications".

Configure the following redirect URIs

Your authentication screen should appear as follows.

On the Overview screen your Client & Tenant Ids will be visible.

Copy and paste the Client & Tenant Ids into the ReportWORQ client's settings screen. The username and password fields do not need to be populated for Modern Authentication.

Clicking the 'Test Connection' button will open the Authentication dialog and attempt to find the site listed in the Server field.

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